Need a vacation, but short on cash? There’s no need to break the bank in order to fly to an exotic destination and enjoy a fun-filled, action-packed getaway. With these top 10 tips for finding cheap flights under your belt, you’ll be well on your way to reaching your destination of choice on a pocketbook-friendly budget.

1. Book as early as possible

Make sure to book at least two to three weeks in advance if you want to find cheap flights and find the best attraction to our FPN Costa Rica. The further in advance that you book, the cheaper your ticket will be. Airlines reward early bookers. Sure, it’s occasionally possible to find an excellent last-minute bargain, but are you willing to take the risk of not finding it?

2. Be flexible

The more flexible you are about your travel dates and destination, the more likely it is you’ll find cheap flights. Even adjusting your departure date by one or two days can make a notable difference in the cost of airfare.

3. Shop around

Don’t settle for the first airfare you find. Shop around on various budget airfare websites to find the best of them. You can also check directly with airline websites to find out if they are offering any special sales or promotions.

4. Sign up for travel deal alerts

Want to be one of the first to hear about a great deal on airfare? Sign up for airfare deal alerts on travel websites to receive notifications of cheap flights that fit your criteria. The deals will conveniently be sent to your email inbox, so you don’t have to spend any time scouring the net for good bargains.

5. Fly on a weekday

Rather than flying on the weekend, when everyone else wants to fly and cheap flights are harder to come by, fly during the week to obtain great deals.

6. Stay over a Saturday night at your destination

Typically, cheap flights require that you stay overnight on a Saturday at your vacation destination, so plan accordingly.

7. Fly on a no-frills airline

An increasing number of no-frills, budget airlines are cropping up around the world, to the benefit of budget travelers. You can find very cheap flights by visiting the websites of these budget airlines directly. Bear in mind that most of their airfares are not posted on aggregator sites. You may have to sit on a plastic chair and pay for your snack of peanuts and beer on board, but the savings you get on airfare make it worthwhile.

8. Utilize credit cards that offer miles with each purchase

There are several credit cards available that are linked with frequent flier mile programs. Sign up for these credit cards if you’d like to earn miles with each purchase you make with the card. If you accumulate enough miles, you’ll practically be able to fly for free.

9. Fly to or from nearby airports instead of major airports

Rather than flying to or from major airports, consider flying to or from a smaller airport nearby. Not only will you be able to avoid big crowds that way, but you will also be able to find cheap flights. For example, rather than flying into LAX airport, you can fly into the airports of Burbank or Orange County.

10. Fly during the low season

Cheap flights are abundant during the low season. Plan your trip for the low season if you want a discount on not only airfare but also on accommodations.

Remember that pre-planning and researching a vacation is the best thing to do to prepare not only your finances but your schedules to suit the perfect budget. Researching, buying packages and paying off in increments may also be the best option in assuring you are getting the most for your money.